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Avigail Landman


Dr. Avigail Landman






Picture of Oren Elishav


Dr. Oren Elishav





Vladimir Gelman


Dr. Vladimir Gelman





Margarita Starostin


Dr, Margarita Starostin





Alex Guz


Mr. Alexander Guz, Researcher





Mr. Michael Katz, Researcher


Pavel Stessin


Mr. Pavel Stessin, Researcher

Pavel Stessin got his M.Sc. from The National University of Science and Technology (former MISIS) in Moscow.  After many years in the industry (Russia and Israel) he joined Grader’s ceramic lab at the Technion. He currently focuses on Tape Casting technology for ceramic powders, combustion synthesis of Nano ceramic powders, and high temperature sintering of ceramics.