Our research

Our research includes the synthesis and processing of ceramics, hydrogen generation and clean combustion of nitrogen-based fuels.

Synthesis and processing of ceramics for advanced material applications. Recent work involves understanding the formation mechanism of ceramic nanofibers with special architecture, including porous, hollow and ribbon morphologies. The main interest is to understand how the surface properties of these fibers influence their catalytic activity.

Advanced electrochemical technologies for clean hydrogen generation. In the hydrogen space, we focus on efficient, decoupled membrane-free electrochemical water splitting using auxiliary electrodes that allow separation of H2 and O2 evolution in time and space.

Watch: Prof. Gideon Grader of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering and the Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP) talks about his work in process engineering in ceramics and in hydrogen generation.

Non-carbon alternative nitrogen-based fuels. In the area of nitrogen-based fuels, we study the reaction mechanism of ammonia and its derivatives at high temperature and pressure. The goal is to understand these complex reactions and carry them out in environmentally clean fashion.